The war in Afghanistan's been going on for eleven years. I like to quote my friend Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (ret.), author of Operation Dark Heart, who says "[w]e won the war in 2001; with 500 Americans in three months, the war in Afghanistan was won." Since then it's been an open-ended, undefined mission of nation-building masquerading as counter terrorism. President Obama failed in his attempt to extend the Iraq War and since ordering a surge in Afghanistan in 2009, more than 1,000 U.S. military personnel were killed. The total American war dead hit 2,000 this year. Below are some of my articles & blog posts on the war for Reason. If I can find my op-eds from The Setonian circa 2001-2002, I'll add them as well.

Losing the War in Afghanistan - September 25, 2012

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